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Providers Guide

The purpose of SacKid Wellness 

This program is designed to help families take charge of their health and wellbeing. While creating the program we focused on key educational material and overall health and happiness! 

Tips for Providers

  • Review the materials explained videos to understand what is in the program packet. 

  • Review the suggested material to be reviewed at each visit

  • Reach out to our center's Health Coach with any questions about the program. 

  • Use the SacKid Wellness site as a  resource for lifestyle change information 

Materials Explained Video

This 2 minute 40 second video briefly reviews all of the material in the program

Downloadable Program Material

The program is readily available in English and Spanish. Click below to download all program materials.

Helpful Information to help providers understand the Program Structure 

1. The schedule is where everything in the packet is referenced.

2. The "SacKid Wellness Prescription" is the overall goal of this program. Patients should be making small changes overtime to uphold the "SacKid Wellness Prescription". 

3. We strongly encourage
family meetings on a weekly basis while working on changes so that families can work out what isn't working and praise each other on what's going well. This is designed this way to help families navigate changes together

4. Each worksheet, Log, Diary and handout has a specific order and time of when it should be referenced. 

5. Patients may move through the program quicker if they choose, we recommend a slower pace to aide in the retention of the changes

Additional Resources

Click the links for more educational information available on our website. 

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