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A chest exercise challenge! 

Push ups are not an easy task to complete correctly

Working towards having a great push up is a great way to use those chest muscles! 

Try these modifications to build up to a standard push up! 

How to plan exercise to target the chest

Regularly exercise all muscle groups.
This includes:

Lower body muscles:(leg muscles, glute muscles, calf muscles)
Upper body muscles:(chest muscles, back muscles, arm muscles) 
Core muscles :(Abdominal muscles) 

Give your chest muscles at least 2 days/48 hours of rest between chest targeting exercises.
Muscles need time to recover
When we don't let our muscles recover properly we increase the changes of injury

When using resistance (weight/bands):
High repetitions (12 or more) with low weight. 
Our goal is to lose fat, not build muscle
12 or more repetitions are ideal for fat loss 

Types of cardiovascular exercises that can be done

Jump Rope

This full-body workout is fun to do while burning a lot of calories! In about 20 minutes you can burn about 200 calories (that's roughly a candy bar!) 


Plyometrics gets your whole body moving with jumping exercises and other quick powerful movements!


Swimming is a low impact, total body cardio workout. The density of the water provides a constant resistance. 


Dancing offers a full body workout that can be tuned to your favorite style. Its a fun way to get yourself moving. 


Cycling is another lower impact exercise to add in to your day. Take your bike to the store rather than driving to get yourself moving! 

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