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General tips:

It is important to understand the meanings of MORE and MOST

1. Choose unprocessed, wholes foods MOST of the time.

2. Choose fats from whole foods MORE than from processed oils

3. Choose whole grains MORE than processed grains

Sample One Week Meal Plan

Click below to download and view the menu. All titles that are underlined will lead to you the link of the recipe

A good tool to use when changing eating habits are food logs/diaries. Writing down what you intake can give you a clearer idea of where you can make changes.

Food Groups

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Building a
balanced meal

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Food groups
servng sizes

Serving sizes for different ages

Serving sizes made easy

Nutrition Labels: How to read them

Which Oils to Use

nutrition Labe & which oils

using oils that are liquid at room temperature is a great way to think about which ones are better for you

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